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Here's a list of what you can do to help H&H grow:

  • Recommend this wiki to others that might be interested.
  • Help out by adding more tips to the Gameplay Tips (Hook Champ) page.
  • Help out by adding the number of coins, rubies and PAR time in the Level Guide (Hook Champ).
  • Help out by adding level guides in the Level Guide (Hook Champ). Check out the Wimpy Levels guide, written by the Site Administrator, for guidelines on how to write level guides. Remember that the default guide should be for a player with no rocket boots charges and no shotgun blasts, unless neccessary to complete the level, and mention good places to use items as alternatives rather than requirements for your guide. Not all players have upgraded their rocket boots and shotgun to the maximum.
  • Help fill in item descriptions at the Store (Hook Champ) page.

Here's a list of what the Site Administrator can do to help H&H grow:

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