Hook Champ

Hook Champ is a physics platformer game for iPods and iPhones where you swiftly swing through ruins using your trustworthy grappling hook, simultaneously collecting treasure and being chased by terrible curses.
When you have collected enough treasure you can buy new treasure maps, characters, hooks, ropes or cosmetic upgrades such as costumes or hats.
Hook Champ was released in the App Store October 16, 2009.
A Lite version of the game was released October 20, 2009.

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Since the game's release it has had several updates with new content.
This is an incomplete list with the most important and recent updates.


  • Gunny added as a second playable character.
  • New Rat Levels and Skull Levels.
  • Hot Pants for Jake.
  • OpenFeint support with leaderboards and groundbreaking challenges.
  • A new "restart" option in the pause menu.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Hookbot added as a third playable character.
  • Alternative costumes for Jake, Gunny and Hookbot, all winter-themed.
  • Rocket Boot Fuel 4 added, exclusively used by Jake.
  • 24 new hats: 5 for Jake, 5 for Gunny and 14 for Hookbot.
  • OpenFeint challenges polish.
  • Quick character select on the map screen.


  • Zelle added as a fourth playable character.
  • New Hatbox Levels.
  • New hats.
  • OpenFeint 2.4 support.
  • Ghosts saved even when they are turned off.
  • The option to view the ghost only as a simple line.
  • OpenFeint and ghost race support for the Lite.


  • Hookbot is no longer chased by curses in the Hatbox Levels.
  • Hookbot can no longer unlock forbidden hats in the Hatbox Levels.
  • BurnGuard Sealant for Hookbot.
  • OpenFeint support for the Hatbox Levels.
  • OpenFeint save restore functionality.
  • Added the "speed fix" in the settings menu for players with control lag.



  • New in-game music added by request.
  • 4 new hats related to Super QuickHook.
  • Return of the Pro controls mode.
  • Performance tweaks, mostly audio performance related.
  • Various other tweaks/bugfixes.

1.51 (Current version)

  • Corrected an issue with the News mini-button.
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