Story & Characters (Hook Champ)

Hook Champ begins in the town of Redport.
Jake T. Hooker is an adventurer looking for treasure to buy more hats.
Gunny Reed is down on her luck, looking for treasure to buy more weapons.
When Jake walks into a tavern Gunny instantly recognizes a treasure map that Jake is holding in his hand and tells him that she knows the way to the ruins on the map, but just as she does they are approached by pirates.
As the pirates tell them to surrender the map Gunny takes Jake's whip and combines it with a hook to create a grappling hook which she latches to a hole in the roof, then grabs Jake, safely pulling them both out of harm's way.
Together Jake and Gunny begin their journey.


Jake T. Hooker


Jake is the default character in Hook Champ, a hat-loving adventurer.
He has a maximum of five rocket boot charges and two shotgun blasts.
He also has Hot Pants, which is an upgrade that launches him out of lava or acid as soon as he makes contact with it, but only works once.
Jake is recommended for new players as the extra rocket boot charge can help save Jake from a fall and gives him an extra charge in levels where you need to use some of your rocket boot charges to reach hidden loot, as well as his unique Hot Pants making the Bull Levels significantly easier for new players.
He is also the only character that can complete the Silver Hatbox.
Jake's alternative costume is the Chill Jacket and his unique megahook is called The Cursed Hook, that sounds like a ghost every time you use it.

Gunny Reed


Gunny is the second playable character in Hook Champ, a gun-loving adventurer. She has to be unlocked by completing the Bull Levels and purchasing her in the store for 200 coins.
She was introduced in the game's first update.
She has a maximum of three rocket boot charges and four shotgun blasts.
Gunny is recommended for experienced players as she is the fastest character having two more shotgun blasts than Jake, plus that each shotgun blast boosts her speed for a ¼ second longer than him, instead of a rocket boot charge more and the Hot Pants that experienced players will not need.
Gunny's alternative costume is the Long Coat and her unique megahook is called The Grapplin' Cannon, that sounds like a cannon every time you use it.

The Shopkeeper


The Shopkeeper is a non-playable character who owns the store.
Occasionally he shows up in intro chatter for some levels and appears to be following Jake and Gunny, offering them all kinds of items.

The Chaser


The Chaser, a name coined by Gunny, is a non-playable character that chases after the player in most levels of Hook Champ.
It's been called Old Big Tooths by Jake and Ol' Big Teefs by Gunny.
In the early levels the Chaser will stand still for a long time before beginning to chase after the player, will move slowly and once it has caught up to the player it will pause for a moment before eating him. However in the later levels it grows more dangerous, moving faster and more aggressively.
After having completed the Bull Levels it is tamed and later helps out in the Hatbox Levels, appearing at the end of each level.
In the Rat Levels it is replaced by The Rat Chaser which is very fast and forces the player to use several shotgun blasts just in order to survive.
In the Skull Levels it is replaced by The Skull Chaser which isn't as fast as The Rat Chaser, but still moves as fast as The Chaser does when it's at maximum speed.
In the Hatbox Levels it is replaced by The Hand Chaser which is a fast curse that catches and squeezes Jake to death when he is caught.
Collectively The Chasers are also known as Curses or Ghosts.



John is the main character from Minigore, added in the fourth update.
He has no rocket boots or shotgun blasts, but have a weapon with unlimited ammunition that fires in the direction he is looking as long as one of the trigger buttons are held down.
When one of the Minigore Levels is started you automatically play as John and he can't be selected in the store, map screen or be played in any other levels.
He also doesn't have any alternative costumes, hats or upgrades.

Purchasable Characters

There are two purchasable characters. They cost 99¢ (or equivalent) each.



Hookbot is a playable character introduced in the second update.
He shares no upgrades with Jake, Gunny or Zelle, instead having several unique ones: Steam Thrusters, Coolant System, Block Buster and BurnGuard Sealant. Together they enable him to launch upwards as if he had rocket boots only his ability recharges after a while, to destroy blocks as soon as he flies into them and to have lava and acid immunity.
When playing Hookbot there is no Chaser chasing after him and since Hookbot is nearly invulnerable when maximum upgraded he is an ideal character for new players who want to explore levels or complete levels without a time limit.
Hookbot refuses to pick up any of the Hatboxes in the Hatbox Levels. It is possible to play all the Hatbox Levels, complete all but the Silver Hatbox and unlock the Bronze Hatbox level as Hookbot, but no golden hats will be unlocked in the store upon completion.
His second costume is the Silver Bot and his megahook is called Laser Hook.

Zelle the Bounty Hunter


Zelle is a playable character introduced in the third update, a bounty hunter sent after Gunny but then bribed to help them out instead.
She plays the exact same as Gunny but has several cosmetic differences.
Instead of using a shotgun she throws bombs that explode after a short period of time, but a bomb has the same effect on Zelle's momentum as a shotgun blast has on Gunny's.
Her second costume is the Night Suit and her megahook is called Mega Drill.

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